Saturday, March 10, 2012

Married or not, here I go

Often times in each of our lives, don't we all need a place to let go and be ourselves? 


As we go about our days, there are ropes thrown out from different directions and often we feel lucky if we can turn those ropes into a tightly wrapped ball of yarn that allows unlimited room for more of the same. We deal with work, cleaning, laundry, kids, games, scouts, lessons and bedtimes. There are so many people to answer to and more to answer for. There are calls to make and bills to pay, pick-ups, drop offs and stores.  So much to distract a gal from being herself or even remembering who she is until one day she wakes to find an empty nest with a man she barely remembers but caters to between chores.  This ambiguity is what often causes 25 year old marriages to be filed and

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Michael Berry speaks out about charges and video

Michael Berry, host of the Michael Berry Show in Houston on KTRH, has worked hard for and enjoyed the #1 Houston talk show spot year after year. His political rants are famous, his parodies are shared webwide and his legal & political lessons on air... well, they are my personal favorite, though I listen very rarely. He focuses on a variety of topics but lately on politics and the minimizing of the president. This stands to reason as that is what the buzz is worldwide.

A few days ago a friend came over and asked me "Have you heard about Michael Berry?" I was completely in the dark so he pointed me to my laptop and onto a video on channel 2 news that showed Mr. Berry go into a bar, buy a beer, go to the restroom and then leave. The footage by the 2 News team was of a man who claimed to have seen Mr. Berry back up into his car, leaving

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Through His Eyes

Have you ever reached a moment in life when you find you're not nearly as important to someone (who matters to you) as you thought you were?

Well, such is life. In the end we are usually let down by others and that reality simply becomes a given. But sometimes, and it is rare,  you'll find one person with whom you really click, who makes you laugh when your day was blah, who you miss when they're not around but who never goes missing long enough to let you forget, and  who you feel connected with, even when you're not in contact. That person is who you think of when you're having a good day. Who you lunch with when you need a smile and who you celebrate with because they're never too busy to be your friend and who's words spring to mind to cheer you on during bad days.

When you find that person and you'll know when you do, there will never be a thought that you are not nearly as important to ANYONE as you should be... because it only takes one person who appreciates your true value, to help you see yourself as God intended you to be.  What more amazing gift could one give another than to be able to see themselves through His eyes.   

Saturday, December 11, 2010

High hopes; Low expectations

Here's a funny story.

Yesterday I answered my company phone and it was a man who said "I have a package here that FedEx delivered and it has this phone # on it." I said, "Does it not say who sent it? I didn't send it but this is a business phone. Does it say Galveston Area Builders?" He said yes. I said "OK, maybe one of the guys sent it. Are you in the building industry?" He said No. I said "what's in it, a gift?" He said "I don't know, it's not to me."

I said, "OH... who's it to?" He said "Beatrice Wilson at Galveston Area Builders!" I said, "OH... that's ME!"
" OK", he said. "Should I call fed ex to come get it. I can give them your address if you give it to me or I can meet you somewhere to give it to you."

 We went on with this conversation for another 3 - 5 minutes and I kept thanking him. He just kept saying, "well sure -- of course." I said to him at one point, "thank you so much. Some people would just have kept it." He said, "well, that just wouldn't be right." I thanked him a couple more times before hanging up the phone and when I hung up the phone I couldn't help realize how grateful I was JUST for someone having done the right thing.
With all that goes on in our society on a day to day basis, good and bad, I wondered when it was that we began to expect so little from people. When did we decide to just settle into having high hopes but low expectations of others. Do these low expectations contribute to the lack of understanding as to what American exceptionalism really is? Is that why so many of our youth don't understand what American exceptionalism is?
Perhaps if we start raising our expectations of one another again, we might find that hope is more often met on a higher level as well.  Just a thought from Bea to you. :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Feeding the Monster: The strength comes from you

So, today I got this posted on my fb wall and I had to share here:

Really?  That's a shame because people  -- yes, even American patriots -- seem to refuse to be willing to 'do without' what they LIKE to make this necessary change that could possibly redirect the American economy.   How do I know?  Let's look at the viewing stats (actions) of this un-fun video, shall we?

These are the stats shared on YouTube for this video. The red, is my comments.

Total Views: 1,032,512  WOW, right?

Ratings: 543 Comments: 1,282Favorites: 222  Sure, OK.
Likes: 470
Dislikes: 73
ONLY 543 (out of over a million views) people thought this was worth rating. hmmm... alright. 
Sep 03, 2009First view from a mobile device5,596
Aug 10, 2008First embedded on - www.walmartmovie.com102,362
Aug 10, 2008First embedded on - freedocumentaries.org5,756
Aug 10, 2008First embedded on - www.freedocumentaries.org4,421
Mar 29, 2008First referral from related video - Wal-Mart: The Real Story4,647
Unavailable*First embedded view358,917
Unavailable*First referral from YouTube search - walmart14,255
Unavailable*First referral from - www.walmartmovie.com8,272
Unavailable*First referral from YouTube search - wal mart5,676
Unavailable*First referral from YouTube search - wal-mart3,651
*Exact date is not available. The count of views from this link only includes views since 30 November 2007.
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When I got this on my fb page I thought, "I will share this and one of the first comments (I bet) will show up is "everything is made in China somewhere down the assembly line." and that is the attitude.  Or "you give up your laptop and I'll think about giving up mine." "  Happens every time I post something about Made In USA.

I have switched my make up. I switched shampoo/creme rinse, I don't shop Kohl's anymore because I couldn't find ONE single garment that was made in the USA. But I pointed it out to someone shopping beside me who said... "that's just the way it is."  And electronics... where do you get made in America electronics?
Little by little we have handed our power to China and we didn't even see it.  We are a weakened 'structure' and our 'weight-bearing' walls have become brittle and rotted. But if we really want to turn it around -- WE HAVE the education, WE HAVE the ability, WE HAVE the unity and WE HAVE the numbers to re-enforce this country's production ... but it will take something new.

                                                  It will take something outrageous.

                                                        It will take something BOLD... it will take.... dare I say it...              

                                            IMMEDIATE ACTION!!

We can continue to feed the monster that rages before us getting more and more powerful as they eat away at what substance our nation has left, or we can choose to begin to act like the entrepreneurs that originally built this nation.   We can choose to come together utilizing our talents, incomes, and determination to enforce our own nation. This is America and we do have a choice.